Forced Convection Air Cooling System

The generated heat is transferred to the aluminum radiator, and the ambient air is blown by the fan to flow quickly, thereby achieving natural heat exchange on the radiator and reducing the size and weight of the machine.

Forced Convection Air Cooling System
Forced Convection Air Cooling System


Less is more. Small size, light weight, easy to move.


Equipped with special welding and cutting nozzles, 4 kinds of welding nozzles, suitable for internal welding, external welding, flat welding, to meet different needs.

Forced Convection Air Cooling System
Forced Convection Air Cooling System


With welding/cleaning/cutting three functions to meet different processing needs. Cleaning width up to 80mm, improve cleaning efficiency.

Forced Convection Air Cooling System


22 groups of prefabricated parameters and 9 groups of customized parameters within the system, setting up at any time.

Intelligent wire feeding system, which can realize the off-light wire feeding and off-light back to the wire, non-sticky wire.

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Automotive industry, aerospace, cabinet processing, mechanical manufacturing.

Technical Parameters

Machine model LCW1500A
Laser power 1500W
Wave length 1080nm
Working voltage Single item 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Fiber length 10-20(Support customization)
Power adjustment range(%)
10-100(Gradient adjustable)
Laser head weight 0.8KG
Dimensions 580*275*680mm
Cooling Air cooling

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