Mortise and rivet welded bed

The bed is made of super-heavy steel sheet mortise and rivet welded, utilizing stress-relief annealing technology, internal reinforcement ribs + transverse tube support, ensuring high strength and stability.

Dual-position exchange table

15 seconds quick exchange, significantly improving production efficiency, saving labor costs.

Dual-position exchange table

Matrix exhaust structure

Double-row multi-row independent, high-sealing partition smoke exhaust, effectively filtering harmful gases, smoke, dust, making the production process more environmentally friendly.

Air pressure DA correction

Automatic nozzle replacement

Intelligent vibration suppression

Follower collision sensing

Ensures accurate air pressure reaching the set value.

Automatically replaces nozzles, aiding automated processing.

Z-axis real-time automatic adjustment, reducing cutting jitter anomalies.

Effectively reduces the risk of cutting head collisions due to workpiece warping.


LF3015GA LF4020GA LF6025GA
LF3015GA GA Series
LF4020GAGA Series
LF6025GAGA Series
3050*1500mmWorking area 4020*2030mmWorking area 6050mm*2530mmWorking area
2000W/1500WLaser power
2000W/1500WLaser power
2000W/1500WLaser power
8580*2850*2300mmDimensions 10750*3350*2300mmDimensions 15000*4018*2300mmDimensions
±0.03mmX/y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mmX/y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mmX/y axis positioning accuracy
±0.02mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy
120m/minMaximum speed 120m/minMaximum speed 120m/minMaximum speed
1.5GMax. acceleration 1.5GMax. acceleration 1.5GMax. acceleration

Technical parameter

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