Dual Bus Servo Motor Dynamic Performance Improved by 30%

The whole machine is equipped with dual bus motors. The whole machine has a dry running speed of 120m/min and an acceleration of 1.5G, achieving leading dynamic performance.




Dry running speed

Modular tabletop

Ease of transportation while reducing later maintenance costs.

Modular countertop

Aviation Aluminum Beam

It is manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding. After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6 which is the strongest strength of all gantries. Light weight, high strength,


Increased intensity


Reduce weight

Air pressure DA correction

Automatic nozzle replacement

Intelligent vibration suppression

Collision avoidance during movement

The outlet air pressure can accurately reach the set value.

Automatically complete nozzle replacement, help automatic processing.

Z-axis real-time automatic adjustment, reduce cutting jitter abnormal.

Flexible cutting to avoid collisions with protruding parts, reducing collision risks.

Sample Display

LF3015LN LN Series
LF3015LN IILN Series
LF6025LN IILN Series
3050*1530mmWorking area 3050*1520mmWorking area 6050mm*2530mmWorking area
(Optional)3000W/2000W/1500W/1000WLaser power (Optional)3000W/2000W/1500W/1000WLaser power (Optional)3000W/2000W/1500W/1000WLaser power
4520*3030*1950mmDimensions 4480*2770*1950mmDimensions 7800*4100*2000mmDimensions
±0.05mmX/y axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mmX/y axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mmX/y axis positioning accuracy
±0.03mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy
80m/minMaximum speed 80m/minMaximum speed 100m/minMaximum speed
1.5GMax. acceleration 1.5GMax. acceleration 1.5GMax. acceleration

Technical Parameters


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