Enhanced processing capability for thick sheets

Capable of 12-meter whole sheet thick cutting, with improved dynamic performance, faster cutting speed, and stronger cutting ability.

Mortise and rivet welded bed

The bed is made of super-heavy steel sheet mortise and rivet welded, utilizing stress-relief annealing technology, internal reinforcement ribs + transverse tube support, ensuring high strength and stability.

Matrix exhaust structure

Double-row multi-row independent, high-sealing partition smoke exhaust, effectively filtering harmful gases, smoke, dust, making the production process more environmentally friendly.

Bus System + Bus Motor

Real-time adjustment, efficient coordination, powerful functions, and easy deployment.

us system + bus motor

Air pressure DA correction

Intelligent tool retraction

Perforation slag removal

Traceless micro-jointing

Visual anti-collision

Automatic nozzle replacement

Ensures accurate air pressure reaching the set value.

Intelligently adjust tool retraction pressure for smooth tool retraction.

Rapid slag removal after perforation, improving quality and efficiency.

Small connecting points, seamless batch cutting.

Based on visual recognition, stops cutting when someone enters the processing area and alerts, better safeguarding machine operation safety.

Automatically replaces nozzles, aiding automated processing.

Sample Display

4020 6025 12025
LF4020GH GH Series
LF6025GHGH Series
LF12025GHGH Series
4050mm*2030mmWorking area 6050mm*2530mmWorking area 12500mm*2550mmWorking area
(Optional)60000W/40000W/30000W/ 20000W/15000W/12000W/8000WLaser power (Optional)60000W/40000W/30000W/ 20000W/15000W/12000W/8000WLaser power (Optional)60000W/40000W/30000W/ 20000W/15000W/12000W/8000WLaser power
11320*3690*2860mmDimensions 15554*4345*2705mmDimensions 27980*4345*2705mmDimensions
±0.03mmX/y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mmX/y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mmX/y axis positioning accuracy
±0.02mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mmX/y axis repeat positioning accuracy
150-220m/minMaximum speed 150-220m/minMaximum speed 150-220m/minMaximum speed
1.5G-2.5GMax. acceleration 1.5G-2.5GMax. acceleration 1.5G-2.5GMax. acceleration

Technical Parameters


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