Machine bed

The machine bed adopts a thick steel plate welded structure, with high overall structural strength and processing accuracy, effectively ensuring accuracy and stability during operation.

The powder collection box is used to collect metal powder during the processing process, which can be recycled and reused in the later stage.

vertical beam

The vertical beams are welded with steel plates, which have high strength and good stability. It can stabilize the operation of the cantilever.

Powder feeder

The powder feeder is a single-cylinder air-borne powder feeder that transports powder with carrier gas. This powder feeder is mainly suitable for laser cladding, 3D printing and other applications. It is mainly used to transport powdery materials. The powder particle size is about 20-400μm in diameter. , the powder feeding amount error is less than 2%, and the repeated powder feeding amount error is less than 1%. Only inert gases such as argon, nitrogen, and helium can be used as powder carrier gases. Oxygen, hydrogen, and other flammable gases cannot be used. Change the feeding rate and particle size by replacing different powder feeding trays. The design is reasonable and the sealing performance is good, so it can use higher carrier gas pressure and is suitable for long-distance powder feeding.

Industry Applications

Industry Applications
It is suitable for remanufacturing and processing of mechanical equipment in engineering machinery, mold, metallurgy, power, petrochemical industry, light industry, shipbuilding, military industry and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-LC3005G
Laser power 6000W-12000W
Auxiliary support Supportable workpieces range Φ100-Φ550mm
Maximum equipment load 3 tons(Load capacity can be customized)
Workpieces rotation diameter ≤600mm(customizable)
X-axis stroke 500mm
Y-axis stroke 3000mm
Z-axis stroke 450mm
Length of processing Workpiece ≤3m(customizable)
Equipment system PLC(Omron)
Cladding head G.WEIKE Customized Cladding Head

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