Co2 laser marking machine is the new generation laser marking system of our company.utilize DC excited seal CO2 laser, The tube can work more than 35,000 hours. The machine equipped with high speed scaning vibrating lens and extending focusing system, high stability, anti-intervention industrial computer system, high precise vertical up-and-down working table. The machine can continue woking 24 hours in high stability, high precision, high speed.the paten software bases on windows system, with easy operation, stable motion and clear mark.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power 30W 50W 100W (Optionl)
Laser Wave-Length (um) 10.64
Laser Repetition Frequency ≤50kHz
Standard Marking Area (mm) 200mm x 200mm 300mm x 300mm
marking Depth (mm) ≤2mm
Marking Speed (mm) ≤7000mm/s
Min.Line Width (mm) 0.1mm
Min. Character Size (mm) 0.4mm
Repetition Accuracy (mm) ±0.01
Power Consumed (kW) <1200W
Electrical Voltage 220V±10% AC, 50Hz
Cooling System Water cooling
Controlling System Win XP+EZCAD marker system
Operating Temperature 0℃-30℃

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