LR150 working standard machine adopts a 150W metal seal from laser is integrated in a laser cooling way, so you can very easily integrated to work with it, ultra high performance galvanometer scanning and patent marking software, which can cope with more than 150m / min speed of working, namely flying marking or printing without stopping the production line markers.

Technical Parameters

Working Area 300mm x 300mm - 600mmx600mm
Laser Source Rofin( Germany)
Laser Power 150W
Galvanometer CTI( USA)
Mirror II VI (USA)
Laser Power Supply Mean Will
Positioning System Red-light positioning
The Maximum Power Consumption 4500W
Cooling System Constant temperature cooling unit
Pulse Frequency 0-130KHZ
Laser Wavelength 10640nm
Graphic Format Supported PLT、DXF、DWG、BMP、JPG
Main Body Size 610* 600* 825mm
Control Cabinet Size 650* 830* 1480mm

Application Industry

High performance optical transmission system with excellent optical mode enable the machine to engraving and marking almost all of the non-metal materials, such as marble, wood, glass, leather, textile, paper, plastic (acrylic, acetate fiber, synthetic fiber, PE, Pt, PVC) etc.. High optical quality also brought an important performance, can be in the metal surface coating of markers, such as: Anodic oxidation aluminum materials. In addition, the machine can also cut such as paper, leather, textile.

Application Industry Application Industry Application Industry

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