Enhanced Dynamic Energy

Equipped with an 80-specification precision pneumatic chuck, capable of chuck speeds up to 150r/min


Capable of chuck speeds

Modular Design

Modular design allows for matching with fully automatic loading devices to achieve fully automatic cyclic processing, meeting diverse customer usage scenarios.

Wide Application, Specializing in Small Pipes

Meets the cutting requirements of various pipes such as round pipes,square pipes,rectangular pipes,oval pipes,enabling the
cutting of complex shapes and text.

Universal for Various Pipes

Sample Display


Medical equipment, guardrail industry, pipeline industry, fitness equipment, commercial display cabinets, office furniture,
educational tools

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-6008TE
Laser power 1500W
Clamping range Round Φ15-80mm / Square 口15-60mm
Maximum rotating speed 150 r/min
Effective cutting length of pipe 6500mm
Single pipe load-bearing 80KG
Chuck structure 80 Pneumatic Chuck

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