Modular bed

Modular lathe bed realizes customized length as required, and the lathe bed and workbench are designed separately. Large-section rectangular pipes are welded and finished after annealing, which is stable, reliable and convenient for transportation.

Customized format

Ventilation by Zones

Zone ventilation,
right-side blowing and left-side suction,
low-carbon and smoke-free,
clean operation.

Safety Light Curtain Protection

Safety light curtains installed on both sides of the crossbeam provide all-around protection for equipment operators, effectively preventing safety accidents.

Supports 0-45° Bevel
Cutting (optional)

Supports multi-shaped full bevel cutting in one step,
meeting 0-45° multiple angle bevel cutting needs.

Optional: Platform, Drawer, Bevel Cutting Head

Air pressure DA correction

Automatic nozzle replacement

Intelligent vibration suppression

Follower collision sensing

The outlet air pressure can accurately reach the set value.

Automatically complete nozzle replacement, help automatic processing.

Z-axis real-time automatic adjustment, reduce cutting jitter abnormal.

Effectively reduces the risk of cutting head collisions due to workpiece warping.



Agricultural machinery, steel structures, tower industry, shipbuilding, mining machinery, sheet metal processing, mechanical equipment, construction machinery

Technical Parameters

16032SLSL Series
24032SLSL Series
16000*3200mmWorking area 24000*3200mmWorking area
135000W/80000W/60000W/40000W/30000WLaser power
0.1/10m&0.05/5mX/Y axis positioning accuracy 0.1/10m&0.05/5mX/Y axis positioning accuracy
0.05mmX/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy 0.05mmX/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy

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