Precision Assurance

Servo motors, reducers, racks, and other components all use top brands, ensuring high quality, high machine tool operating precision, and guaranteed lifespan.

Intelligent Operating System

Easy to learn with low entry barriers, compatible with various drafting, drawing, and management software for efficient coordination.

Intelligent Operating System

Air pressure DA correction

Automatic nozzle replacement

Intelligent vibration suppression

Collision avoidance during movement

The outlet air pressure can accurately reach the set value.

Automatically complete nozzle replacement, help automatic processing.

Z-axis real-time automatic adjustment, reduce cutting jitter abnormal.

Flexible cutting to avoid collisions with protruding parts, reducing collision risks.

Sample Display

Technical Parameters

Machine model LF3015E Pro
Laser power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Working area 3050mm x 1530mm
Dimensions 4480*2766*1950mm
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
X/Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Maximum speed 30m/min
Voltage and frequency 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz


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