Horizontal Machine Tool Design

European mainstream machine tool structure, ensuring stable cutting and long service life.

350 Round Pneumatic Chuck, Zero Tailings Cutting

Circular heavy-duty pneumatic chuck ensures stable clamping without damaging the workpiece, achieving zero tailings cutting through the movement of three chucks.

Independent Servo-driven Support

Independent servo-driven support at the loading and unloading end supports the pipe in both vertical and horizontal directions
simultaneously, ensuring secure clamping of long pipes.

12m Whole Pipe Loading and Unloading Processing

Meets the demand for processing extra-long workpieces, enabling the entire loading, cutting, and unloading of pipes up to 12m in length.

  • Optional

    Semi-automatic loading machines

  • Optional

    Fully automatic loading machines

Universal for Various Pipes

Supports cutting of round pipes, square pipes, oval pipes, rectangular pipes, angle steel, channel steel, and various profiled pipes.

Universal for Various Pipes

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Construction machinery, steel structure construction, heavy machinery, bridge engineering, oil pipelines, greenhouse structures

Technical Parameters

GKS-6036T3L T3L Series
GKS-9036T3L T3L Series
2000W-6000W (Optional)Laser power 2000W-6000W (Optional)Laser power
Round pipe Φ20-350mm
Square pipe 口20-250mmClamping range
Round pipe Φ20-350mm
Square pipe 口20-250mmClamping range
60 r/minMaximum rotating speed 60 r/minMaximum rotating speed
6500mmEffective cutting length of pipe 9500mmEffective cutting length of pipe
700KGSingle pipe load-bearing 700KGSingle pipe load-bearing
350 Pneumatic ChuckChuck structure 350 Pneumatic ChuckChuck structure

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