Intelligent and efficient

Can achieve speeds of up to 0.2 seconds per bend, a 260% improvement over traditional bending machines. Automatic feeding and bending reduce human intervention, lowering labor intensity and saving 3-4 laborers.

Broader Applications

With larger processing areas and wider load-bearing ranges, it can meet the bending needs of different workpieces, including arcing, hemming, return bends, and closed shapes.


Automatic feeding and bending processes reduce human intervention, lower labor intensity, enable batch production and automation, saving 3-4 laborers and reducing costs by over 65%.

Low Maintenance Costs

Fixed universal bending tools eliminate the need to change upper and lower bending tools. No vulnerable parts result in low maintenance costs.

Sample Display


Filing cabinets, electrical cabinets, kitchenware, curtain walls, door and elevator industry, household appliances, and furniture.

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-BC0520P
Feeding structure Press Arm
Number of axes Standard 13 axis
Maximum bending length 2100mm
Maximum bending height 200mm
Minimum Bend Single Side Dimensions 140mm
Bilateral Minimum Forming Dimensions 140mm
Minimum forming size of four sides 140mm*190mm
Maximum sheet length 2100mm
Maximum sheet width 1500mm
Minimum arc radius 6mm
Minimum continuous bending speed 0.2S
Maximum feeding speed 120m/min
Bending angle 0-180°
Bending capacity Carbon steel plate:2mm/Stainless steel plate:1.5mm/Aluminum plate:3mm
The rated voltage 380V AC
Peak power About 43KW
Average power About 5KW
Total machine weight About 13.7 T
Dimensions 5470mm*3200mm*2790mm

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