Intelligent operation, reducing costs and increasing efficiency

It adopts the Dutch DELEM DA-53T CNC system, which is powerful and easy to operate.
It can automatically calculate the total length of the bending workpiece material and realize 2D touch graphic programming.

DA-53T CNC system features:

  • Convenient CNC programming to improve work efficiency.
  • Provide full touch control solution.
  • The operation is more convenient and user-friendly.

High load, high rigidity, high precision and high reliability

  • The backstop is thickened and widened (with reinforced ribs), making it stronger and more durable.
  • The backgauge guide rail adopts side-mounted technology, which is not easy to deform and ensures long-term use accuracy.
  • Double guide rail single screw (25mm), faster transmission speed.
  • With sheet metal protective cover to extend service life.

Light curtain protection (optional)

DSP5-point laser beam safety protection is adopted. The unique safety protection is used in conjunction with the bending machine to enhance the protection of workers' fingers when the bending machine bends the mold. The operator can concentrate on the work on hand.

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-20032
Hydraulic oil Tank Capacity 300L
Press Capacity 80T
Max Bending Length 2500mm
Side Distance 2000mm
Gap Depth 3200mm
Opening Height 180mm/s
Bending Rapid down 200mm/s
Return 50mm
Return Speed 10mm/s
Number Of Cylinder 2pc
Motor power 7.5KW

Industry Applications

Gweike CNC bending machine has excellent features such as light weight and beautiful appearance, high precision, high load capacity, high rigidity, high reliability, smooth operation, low noise, fully sealed and dustproof, and high safety, and is ahead of the domestic peers. Using imported CNC system, the operation interface is clear and easy to operate.
Industry applications: filing cabinets, electrical cabinets, kitchenware, ceiling curtain walls, door industry elevators, home appliances and furniture, wind power communications, and shipbuilding.

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