All things you should know about fiber laser cutting machine maintenance

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In recent years, more and more customers have chosen to use fiber laser cutting machines as cutting tools. As the fiber laser cutting machine is large-scale precision equipment and consists of many precision parts, it requires the most basic daily maintenance and upkeep during a specific period to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce possible failures, and extend the service life of the equipment. As a novice, you may be confused about how to maintain a laser cutting machine, what cutting machine accessories need to be maintained, and the maintenance cycle. Don’t worry we have obtained the daily maintenance cycle of laser cutting machines and matters needing attention from professional after-sales personnel to share with you, hoping to help you better maintain the laser cutting machine and extend the service life of the laser cutting machine.

Notes: 1.When performing maintenance work, the machine must be turned off by the main switch to turn it off.All accessories need to be powered off.Safety regulations must be strictly observed to avoid accidents.

2. Cleaning Precautions: The entire equipment must be thoroughly cleaned at specified intervals. Obvious dirt can be scrubbed or removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

3. This article is only a brief introduction to the maintenance process of the machine and matters needing attention. If specific operations are required, please ask our after-sales personnel for specific processes or operate according to the accessory instructions. The maintenance process must strictly follow the operating procedures of each part, be maintained by a special person, and must not be barbaric to avoid damage to components.

4.The cycle is for reference only. If the processing volume is too much or the environment is dusty, please shorten the maintenance cycle to avoid damage to the machine.

Equipment maintenance requirements for fiber laser cutting are as follows:

Daily maintenance

The beam is used to fix the laser cutting head, both ends of the beam and the position where the laser head is fixed are equipped with motors. The beam is driven by the motors to move the laser head on the platform, allowing the machine to complete the cutting of various complex graphics.

Machine body

1. Clean the laser cutting head lens and nozzle.

Notes: 1. The laser cutting head is a precision instrument. Please wear clean gloves when maintaining the laser head. 2. Please use cotton or cotton swabs and high-purity alcohol to wipe the lens. There must be no traces of residue on the lens until it is clean. 3. If the positioning is found to be inaccurate or the lower end of the nozzle is damaged, please replace it with a new nozzle. 4. Please make sure to replace the cutting head accessories in a clean and dust-free environment, otherwise it may cause damage to the laser source or the cutting head.

2.Make sure the machine goes to the origin

3.Check laser and nozzle concentricity.

4.Check whether the operation panel buttons and emergency stop buttons can work.

5.Check whether the cutting air pressure is normal.

6.Check air supply system leaks and pressure.

7.Check all levels of air filtration and drainage.

8.Check water lines for leaks.

9.Check whether the machine tool has abnormal noise.

Weekly maintenance

1.Clean the X, Y-axis rack guides and Z-axis screw guides.

Note: Remove surface stains first and then apply lubricant.

2.Check the looseness of the exchange workbench chain and confirm the movement condition.

3.Check the filter for undischarged water.

4.Check the proximity switch of the exchange workbench (if there is an exchange platform) and the bracket bumper.

5.Check the proximity switch and bracket bumper of the exchange table (if there is an exchange platform).

6.Clean up the slag drawer.

7.Clean up foreign objects on the exchange table's guides and machine tool.

8.Inject oil 2 times to the Z-axis screw guide manually.

Monthly maintenance

1.Check whether the components in the electrical cabinet are working properly and clean the dust.

The picture below is GWEIKE’S dual-platform sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine LF3015GC.

Note: Do not touch the electronic components inside the cabinet directly. Clean the dust in the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner (do not use compressed air).

2.Precautions for changing water in the water cooler.

The picture below is GWEIKE’S full cover sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine LF3015GA.

Note: 1. Please ensure that the water cooler is powered off. When maintaining the water cooler, please strictly follow the instructions in the instruction manual.2. Use pure water when replacing.

Every 3 months maintenance

1.Check whether the connecting parts of the cutting head are loose.

2.Adjust the constant temperature of the chiller (18-28 degrees).

3.Check if the motor driver connector is loose and clean it.

4.Check whether the air compressor is working properly.

5.Clean the computer host every three months. You need to clean the computer host, remove the fixing strip, and remove the cover. The motion control card and memory module can be removed and cleaned. Please use a clean and dry cloth to do this.

Every 6 months maintenance

1. Check if the components in the cabinet are working properly and clean the dust.

2. Check whether the dust proof cloth of each axis is damaged.

3. Check whether the fixing screws of the rear door panel of the exchange workbench are loose.

4. Check if air compressor (if there is an air compressor )required maintenance .

5. Check if the air filter needs to be replaced.

6. Check whether the focusing lens collimating lens needs to be replaced.

Yearly maintenance

1.Clean water pipes or replace.

2.Check the usage of each relay in the electrical cabinet and replace it if necessary.

3.Cleaning the laser source.

4.Check the contact of each cable and plug it in tightly.

5.Check whether the cutting tooth plate needs to be replaced.

6.Check whether the focusing lens and collimating lens need to be replaced.

Every 2 years maintenance

1.Replace the air filter element (if there is an air filter )and air line filter element.

2.Replace the chiller water line filter.

3.Replace aging water pipes and air pipes.

4.Check whether the screw guide balls need to be replaced.

5.Check whether the photoelectric travel switch and proximity switch need to be replaced.

Every 3 years maintenance

1.Check whether the screw guide balls need to be replaced.

2.Check if the chain needs to be replaced.

3.Check whether the transmission gear needs to be replaced.

4.Check whether the high-pressure air pipe needs to be replaced.

5.Check if the safety relay needs to be replaced.

6.Check whether the computer host needs to be replaced.

Every 4 years maintenance

Check the machine tool comprehensively.

Something you should know in winter

1.Before winter comes, the water cooler should be replaced with antifreeze in time to prevent freezing damage to the water cooler, laser, laser head, etc. If the antifreeze is not replaced, it must be ensured that the water cooler runs without interruption, and prevent the water cooler from not working due to a power outage and causing freezing.

2.After winter is over, promptly replace the antifreeze in the water cooler with deionized water (steamed water, purified water). When replacing, use pure water to fill the water cooler 2-3 times and clean it before adding water.

If you have any other questions about the maintenance of laser cutting machines, please contact us directly, our professional after-sales service team will provide you with round-the-clock service