How to Use Jewelry Laser Welder

Welding techniques are used for jewelry repair, joining and resizing. Traditional welding involves melting and joining the metal using sand casting or molds. Laser welding uses a laser beam to heat and join the metal.
The jewelry laser welder is suitable for delicate jewelry making or restoration. In addition, laser welding is fast and efficient.
And laser welding jewelry does not cause much damage to the jewelry. Next, we will discuss laser welding jewelry's steps, principles and advantages.

Jewelry laser welder steps

The jewelry laser welder is easy to use and can learn quickly, even from beginners. Here are the steps for welding jewelry with the jewelry laser welder: 

  1. Cleaning before welding: Clean the jewelry surface before welding. Because any dirt on the metal surface during the welding process will affect the welding results. In serious cases, cracks, flaws and other defects will appear. Usually, you can choose a cleaning agent to clean the metal surface.
  2. Adjust the equipment: adjust the jewelry laser welding machine's power, pulse width, welding speed and other parameters to ensure that the welding process can maintain the best welding results. Note: the welding temperature should not exceed the material's melting point.
  3. Welding: fix the jewelry on the welding machine table. You can fix the jewelry in any position using a handled welding machine. After finishing welding, king the jewelry to cool naturally for some time.
  4. Check the quality: Check for defects on the jewelry after welding. If there are flaws, you can use sanding, polishing, or re-welding to remedy them later.

Jewelry laser welders try to do a welding test on the same material when welding new materials for the first time. If you are welding rare metals, you can hire a professional to do the job.

Principles of laser welding jewelry

The jewelry welding machine mainly uses the high energy the laser beam produces to melt the metal material and make it fuse together. The laser beam size is very small, so you don't need to worry about oversized welds.
Jewelry laser welding machines use a laser beam for welding. The laser beam is focused on a small spot through a collimator and reflector, causing the temperature of that spot to rise, thus welding the jewelry together. Laser welders allow precise control of the depth and position of the weld, making them ideal for jewelry fabrication and repair.

Advantages of Laser Welding Jewelry

The jewelry laser welder has many advantages compared to traditional jewelry welding, as follows:

  1. Versatility: It can weld stainless steel, silver, gold, platinum, and many other jewelry materials. It can also weld bracelets, necklaces, and rings.
  2. Reliability: The quality of laser welds is good and durable.
  3. Speed: The jewelry laser welder's welding speed is fast, greatly increasing productivity.
  4. Small impact area: Laser welding has a small heat impact area and does not require additional welding material or affect the jewelry's quality.


Welding jewelry is a very complex industry. The jewelry laser welder can repair jewelry defects very quickly and with various welding techniques to provide the best service to the customer. And buying a jewelry laser welding machine is a permanent investment. It has a long service life and will be profitable for you for many years.