Maintenance of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Are you worried that your fiber laser cutting machine will suddenly stop running or that the machine will break down constantly after a few years of use?
Don't worry. Routine maintenance will maximize the life of your machine.
We have created a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance checklist that will help you solve all kinds of problems with your fiber laser cutter maintenance.
Read on quickly and follow our guide to a regular maintenance program for your cutter.

Maintenance of the fiber Laser cutting machine

Daily maintenance of the fiber laser cutting machine

  1. You must check the fiber laser cutter's rail and laser quality every day before starting or after use.
  2. Check for leaks in the electrical components, circuits, resonance chamber, and vacuum pump connections.
  3. Check that the screws on the machine are tightened and that there are no unusual noises or alerts on the control panel.
  4. Of course, it is also necessary to ensure that the water chiller is in working order and that its coolant is circulated regularly.
  5. Check that the focusing mirror and the working area are clean and dirt-free.
  6. Regularly clean the fan of dust and debris to ensure that it is always running efficiently.
  7. At the end of a job, clean the work area by cutting waste and emptying the compressor tank.

Weekly maintenance of the fiber laser cutting machine

  1. The oil level in the vacuum pump is checked regularly every week to ensure that the minimum requirements are met.
  2. Lubricate the fiber laser cutting machine's screws and rails weekly
  3. Cleaning of optical components such as focus mirrors to ensure that the laser head is kept clean

Monthly maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

  1. Drifting the laser beam can lead to poor focus and affect the cutting results. This is why the laser beam needs to be checked regularly every month for drifting.
  2. Check the machine's frame regularly every month to prevent screws from loosening.
  3. Regularly check the laser control belt, guides, and gears for looseness or misalignment.

Routine maintenance of the optics

The optics of a fiber laser cutting machine affect the laser's performance, so it is important to ensure they are free from scratches, dirt, and dust.
The optics are also very thin and fragile, so it is important to follow strict cleaning procedures to maintain them daily.
Note: When the lenses show scratches or non-cleanable dirt, you need to replace the lenses again.
This is why lenses are one of the most fragile parts we need to pay extra attention to in our maintenance routine.
The following steps are described for replacing lenses:

Preparation for maintenance of optical lenses

  1. Dress cleanly, preferably with clean medical gloves
  2. Ensure that there is no significant dust in the air during disassembly
  3. Prepare cotton swabs or lens wipes, alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, and lens storage paper

Precautions when replacing lenses

  1. Do not blow into the lens with your mouth after removing it.
  2. When removing the lens from the laser head, always hold it gently and be careful not to crush it with too much force.

Steps to follow when replacing the optical lens

  1. Remove the laser head with gloves, then carefully remove the lens and place it on the lens storage paper
  2. Wipe the area where the optic is fixed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or a special cleaning solution for lenses
  3. Then gently hold the edge of the lens and wipe it clean with a cotton swab
  4. After wiping the lenses, slowly clean the area around the lenses
  5. Then reinstall the lenses in order

Note: How can you tell if the lenses have been cleaned? By holding the cleaned lenses in a lighted position, you can see if there are any stains on the lenses.

Steps to install the laser head

Many people remove the laser head of a fiber laser cutting machine and there is no way to put the laser head back on after the optics have been cleaned. Here are the steps to install the laser head on a fiber laser cutting machine:

Laser beams are difficult to focus

As part of the routine optics maintenance, ensuring that the beam is level with the focusing mirror after each cleaning is also important. If the beam path is shifted, it will be easier to focus, and the cut will improve. The most obvious effect will be slag on the surface of the cut metal or vertical lines on the cut surface.
If slag appears after cleaning the focusing mirror or other optical components,  can take the following steps:

Routine maintenance of the fiber laser source

The laser source of a fiber laser cutting machine has a longer service life than CO2 and diode laser sources and is less prone to wear and tear during use. Therefore the laser source of a fiber laser cutting machine does not need to be maintained every day. You can set the maintenance schedule to once every six months.

Fiber laser source half-yearly maintenance precautions

Check that the fiber optic cable in the laser source is working properly.
Next, you can check the quality of the light coming out of the laser source and ensure that the laser beam is on the same level as the reflector.
Afterward, check the area around the fiber laser source for signs of corrosion and clean it if it appears.
Clean the area around the fiber laser source regularly to ensure that it is kept in a clean environment.

Maintenance of the water chiller

The water chiller plays a vital role in the fiber laser cutting machine, ensuring that the machine can run reliably. This is why it is essential to know the daily maintenance and operation of the water chiller.

How to operate the water chiller

Water chiller maintenance precautions

Check the water level and circulation of the water chiller regularly. Ensure that the water chiller is working properly before using the fiber laser cutting machine.
Always use distilled water or special coolant. If tap water is added, the scale will build up over time. Prolonged build-up can corrode the water chiller's pipes.
Check the electrical terminals regularly to ensure they are free of dirt
Regularly check the use of the cartridge to ensure it is not damaged

How to install the water chiller

You may also want to know how to reconnect the repaired water chiller to the fiber laser cutting machine again. Here are the steps for installing the water chiller:

How to change gases on a fiber laser cutting machine

The Fiber laser cutting machine is connected to a gas cylinder to improve the quality of the cut. The usual gases of choice are oxygen and nitrogen. If you run out of gas and need to replace the cylinder with a new one, the next step is to replace it.

Maintenance of air compressors

  1. If you do not use oxygen or nitrogen as an auxiliary gas, you will need to use an air compressor. Fiber laser cutting machine's air compressors provide a constant gas supply by compressing air.
  2. Ensuring the compressor is fully drained before each maintenance visit is important.
  3. Replace the filter element after about 6 months of air compressor operation.
  4. Check that the valve discs work properly every month and replace them regularly.
  5. Lubricate the bearings of the compressor regularly.
  6. The heat sink in the compressor is cleaned periodically every month to prevent dust build-up.


Maintaining your fiber laser cutting machine is essential to extend the life of your machine. A good maintenance schedule for your cutting machine will reduce additional maintenance costs. If it is difficult to maintain daily or regular maintenance, you can extend daily maintenance to once a week.