Which is the Best China Laser Marking Machine

China is the world's largest exporter of laser marking machines as of 2022. Do you know what other advantages China laser marking machines have besides their low price and high quality?
If you are a professional in the laser industry, you will find that for the last 15 years, many of the best quality laser markers have come from Chinese manufacturers. Of course, you may also buy a poor quality China laser marker, so we'll learn about China laser marking machines and how to find the perfect one.
What is a laser marking machine?
Laser marking machines mainly use laser beams to leave permanent marks on the material's surface and are mainly co2 laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines.

Best China laser marking machines

I will list a few of the more representative laser engravers to facilitate your selection and understanding of China laser markers.

LR30 - China co2 laser marking machine

This industrial-grade China co2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking non-metallic materials such as wood, leather and plexiglass. This marking machine is available in 30w, 50w and 100w laser power options, so you can choose the right laser power according to the marking depth you need.
If you want to mark deeper marks, you can choose a high-power laser marking machine.
The biggest advantage of this machine is the high stability of the extended focus system and the scanning oscillator, which ensures a beautiful marking pattern. At the same time, the automatic lifting platform saves the workforce and time.
Non-contact laser processing is free of consumables and has low maintenance costs.

China co2 laser marking machine-1


Laser Power 30W 50W 100W (Optionl)
Laser Wave-Length 10.64um
Laser Repetition Frequency ≤50kHz
Standard Marking Area 200*200mm /300*300mm
marking Depth ≤2mm
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Min.Line Width 0.1mm
Min. Character Size 0.4mm
Repetition Accuracy ±0.01mm
Power Consumed <1200W
Electrical Voltage 220V±10% AC, 50Hz
Cooling System Water cooling
Controlling System Win XP+EZCAD marker system
Operating Temperature 0℃-30℃


  1. Suitable for marking on any non-metallic surface
  2. China industrial laser marking systems, easy to operate
  3. Very high marking accuracy, can be used for 2D codes, precision scales, etc.
  4. No loss in marking

G2 - China Portable Fibre Laser Marking Machine

This is an industrial machine for home use. It is small enough to easily find a suitable space in your house to place it. Also, unlike the CO2 laser marker, this Gweike G2 is suitable for marking a wide range of metal materials. It is the only 20w desktop laser marking machine on the market today, as you can usually only buy 2w, 5w and 10w.
The Gweike G2 can not only mark metal but can also cut aluminum up to 0.3mm. You can also rotate the laser head at multiple angles to mark curved surfaces. You can also easily remove the laser head and move it to the desired position for marking.

China fiber laser marking machine


Laser Type 20w Raycus Ytterbium Fiber Laser Source
Standard Marking Field 100mm*100mm
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Output Power 20W
Marking Speed < 15000mm/s
Repeat Accuracy ±0.01mm
Minimum character 0.1mm
Repeat Pulse Frequency Range 30 - 60 kHz
Operation Temperature 15 - 35 ° C
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Supply Voltage 110-240 V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption < 120 W
PC Connection USB cable
Certificates CE FDA
Color available Black
Net Weight 12Kg
Machine Dimensions 260mm(L)*440mm(W)*505mm(H)


  1. Small and portable
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Very fast marking speed and high accuracy
  4. Ideal for small businesses

LG60 - China co2 laser marking machine

This is similar to the first laser marker, an industrial-grade marking machine. Unlike the LR30, it is larger, but with directional wheels on the bottom of the machine, you can quickly move it around.
Although similar in appearance to the first LR30, this China laser marking machine supports more laser power. You can mark deeper marks more quickly. The machine supports 24h continuous operation and uses G.Weike Laser's patented software for easier operation and clearer marking. The machine is equipped with a professional water cooler to ensure that the laser tube runs efficiently for a long time.
In addition, this China laser marker's marking accuracy and smoothness are its greatest, if not irreplaceable, advantage. If your business demands the highest marking accuracy, the LG60 is the perfect choice for you.

China co2 laser marking machine-3


Max.Laser Power (W) 60W 80W 100W 130W (optional)
Laser Wave-Length (um) 10.6
Laser Repetition Frequency ≤25kHz
Standard Marking Area 200*200mm/300*300mm
marking Depth ≤3mm
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Min.Line Width 0.2mm
Min. Character Size 0.5mm
Working Area 600* 400mm
Repetition Accuracy ±0.01mm
Power Consumed <1200W
Electrical Voltage 220V 50Hz 8A
Cooling System Water cooling
Software Win XP+EZCAD marker system
Operating Temperature 0℃-30℃


  1. High power and high production speed
  2. Permanent marking by China industrial laser marking systems
  3. High engraving accuracy and machine quality

LR150 - China laser marker

This is a 150w ultra-powerful China laser marker, and as the picture shows, it looks a bit dated. Yes, this machine is 10 years old and is a very popular model today.
150w of power is its biggest advantage, as many larger products, such as aerospace and military equipment, require deeper marking marks. At the same time, this machine has a simple operator interface and is compact so that you can assemble and operate it very easily.
No matter how complex and difficult you need to mark, it can do it easily. 150m/min working speed, i.e., marking on the fly or printing without stopping the production line marking.
Well-known global brands make most parts, and quality is guaranteed.

China laser marker


Laser Power 150W
Laser Source Rofin( Germany)
Working Area 300*300mm/600*600mm
Galvanometer CTI( USA)
Mirror II VI (USA)
Laser Power Supply Mean Will
Positioning System Red-light positioning
The Maximum Power Consumption 4500W
Cooling System Constant temperature cooling unit
Pulse Frequency 0-130KHZ
Laser Wavelength 10640nm
Graphic Format Supported PLT、DXF、DWG、BMP、JPG
Main Body Size 610* 600* 825mm
Control Cabinet Size 650* 830* 1480mm


  1. 150w super high power
  2. Imported parts for higher marking accuracy
  3. Metal sealed laser integrated laser cooling method, longer life of laser tube
  4. Patented China industrial laser marking systems, easy to operate

LF20/30/50 - China fiber laser marking machine

Like the G2 above, this is a China fiber laser marking machine, a typical example of an industrial fiber laser marker. It can mark any metal with precise positioning and high accuracy. The recessed underside of the machine facilitates leg placement when sitting down to operate the machine.
It can work stably for 50-100,000 hours and requires almost no post-maintenance. If you are looking for an industrial-grade China laser marking machine for metal, the LF 20 is the perfect choice. You have a wide choice of laser powers to choose from and can mark many parts quickly.

fiber laser marking machine-5


Laser Power 10W 20W 30W 50W (Optional)
Standard Marking Area 100*100mm/150*150mm
Laser Type Ytterbium Fiber
Operation Type Q-switched
Each Pulse Energy (mj) 0.5 1
Laser Wavelength (nm) 1060 -1070 nm
Pulse Wave Frequency 20 - 80 Khz
Graphic Format Supported SAF, PLT, DXF, CMX, EMF, AI, JOB, MCL, BMP


  1. No power degradation after use, able to maintain efficient production forever
  2. Air-cooled cooling system
  3. Simple and quick installation, USB connection to any computer

Why China laser marking machine is so popular

You may question why China's laser marking machines are so popular.
Currently, China is the largest exporter of fiber laser marking machines. The fundamental reason for the popularity of China's products is still the affordable price and high quality. For example, G.Weike Laser is a China laser marking machine manufacturer; our production philosophy is always based on customer service, machine quality, and continuous technological innovation and development.
Almost all quality China laser marking machine manufacturers have the following characteristics.

  1. Good quality: Chinese laser marker exports have strict production standards. You can rely on the quality of Chinese brand marking machines.
  2. Cost-effective: Because China is a developing country, the price of the workforce and raw materials needed to produce machines is low. Therefore, the selling price of their machines is generally much lower than that of international machines.
  3. Easy to operate: Gweike Laser laser markers all use their patented control system, and the operating interface is easy to understand.
  4. Good after-sales service: Buying a laser marker, especially a fiber laser marking machine, is expensive. Therefore, a complete after-sales service is very important to ensure your experience with the machine and to reduce unnecessary money spent.

Things to consider when choosing a China fiber laser marking machine

Although China laser maker has a large export volume, this does not mean all China laser marking machine manufacturers are trustworthy. There are also some tips for smoothly buying a good quality, low-price laser marking machine. Next, I will list some key points when buying a laser marking machine from China. This will help you with your purchase.
If you do not have a previous partner, it is advisable to give preference to some of the larger brands. This is the safest way to buy laser marking machines from China.
Before you buy, you need to find out about the manufacturer's qualifications and the size of the factory. Many brands do not have their production plants in China. They are like intermediaries. If you choose this type of manufacturer, you will pay more for the machine. And if there are any after-sales problems with the machine later on, resolving them will be more tedious.

Production needs

Clarifying what you want to use your laser marking machine for will help you narrow down your choice. If your business requires the frequent deep marking of non-metals, a high-powered CO2 laser marking machine is recommended. Conversely, a fiber-optic or UV laser marking machine is recommended to mark metal frequently.

Delivery time

The normal delivery time for a machine is around 30-70 days. If delivery time is too short or too long, you need to be aware of the security of the transaction.

Machine parameters

The following 5 parameters can be considered when purchasing a China laser marking machine.

  1. Laser power: This is one of the first parameters to consider when buying a China laser marker. The power of the machine not only determines the marking depth but is also closely related to the machine's price. In general, the higher the power of the China laser marker, the deeper the marking depth, the faster the speed, and the higher the machine's price.
  2. Marking area: the larger the machine's working area means that the machine's size will also be correspondingly larger. You can choose a suitable table size according to the size of your parts.
  3. Software: If you have some basic design software operation, you can easily master the operation skills of most design software brands. However, if you have yet to gain experience with design software, it is advisable to choose proprietary software such as G.Weike Laser, developed in-house. It is relatively simple to use and can be used even without experience.
  4. Marking accuracy: This is crucial for the detail of your product. The higher the accuracy, the more detailed your product will be. Marking accuracy determines the competitiveness of your products in the same industry.
  5. Price: Price is a critical factor in purchasing China laser marking machines. The price of the machine is directly proportional to the features. The better the features and quality, the more expensive the machine. Don't just go for the cheapest price. Choose a machine that offers the best value for money within your budget.


There are many laser marking machine manufacturers in China and it takes some skill to choose the best laser marker from them. If you trust me, you can choose G.Weike Laser We, a professional laser equipment manufacturer. Our professional engineers will give you the best solution and whether you buy it or not, you can ask our online customer service any questions you may have about the machine and we will be happy to help you.