Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance Manual

All electronic products require a basic maintenance routine to ensure the equipment can function properly, and the fiber laser cutting machine is no exception. A good maintenance routine can prevent machine breakdowns and prolong the machine's life.
Here are some maintenance guidelines for CNC fiber laser cutting machines. Please check below.


Daily Weekly Every three months Every six month Yearly Every two years Three years Four years
Clean the cutting head, protect the lens. nozzle     Clean X, Y-axis rack guides and Z-axis screw guides Check the connection of the cutting head Check if the components in the cabinet is working properly  and cleaning the dust   Replace air filter Check ball screw guide rail and replace if necessary Check the machine tool Comprehend surely if necessary
Make  sure  the machine  goes to the origin Check if the exchange table chain is loose Adjust the the temperature of the water chiller(18-28℃) Check the dust cloth of each axis for damage Check relay  usage in the electric cabinet and replace it if necessary Replace water chiller filter clean or replace water pip Check the chain and replace if necessary  
Check laser and nozzle  concentricity Check the filter for Undischarged water Check the connection of the servo driver cables and clean it Check if the fixing screws of the door panel behind. The exchange table is loose Cleaning the dust in the  electrical cabinet Replace the aging pipes Check the gear and replace if necessary  
Check operation panel button, emergency stop button Check the exchange table proximity switch and bracket impact block Check if the an air compressor is working properly lf necessary, use the air compressor for maintenance Clean laser Check ball screw guide and replace if necessary Check the high-pressure gas pipe and replace if necessary  
Check the  cutting gas pressure Check the surface of each proximity switch for foreign objects Check if the water chiller is replaced with antifreeze or pure water Check if the air  filter needs to be replaced Check the cable contact of each line and plug it in Check the photoelectric switch and proximity switch and replace if necessary Check safety relay and replace if necessary  
Check the  gas supply for gas leaks and pressure Clean up slag drawer   Check focus lens, collimating lens, and replace if necessary Check cutting blade and replace if necessary   Check the computer host and replace if necessary  
Check all levels of air filtration and drainage Clean up foreign objects on the exchange table guides and machine tool     Check focus lens, collimating lens and replace if necessary      
Check for water leakage Inject oil 2 times to Z-axis screw guide manually            
Check the machine for abnormal noise              
Others 1. Before winter, the water chiller should be replaced with antifreeze to prevent damage to the water cooler, laser, laser head, etc. If you do not replace the antifreeze, you must ensure that the water cooler is running continuously and prevent the water cooler from not working and causing ice due to power failure. 2. Antifreeze in the water chiller with deionized water (distilled water, pure water)in time after the end of winter. When replacing, use pure water to fill the water chiller for 2-3 cycles of cleaning and add water before use