Attention in use of G.WEIKE fiber laser cutting machine

With the continuous progress of society, more and more people use laser cutting machines, but in the process of use will meet with one kind of trouble or another. G. WEIKE laser will give you a general idea about the using of fiber laser cutting machines.

  • A.Forbid to look at the laser light directly without protective glasses.
  • B.Prohibition of human within the range of laser exposure.
  • C.Operators shall wear protective glasses , and the operators shall not be allowed to leave during machine working.
  • D.If there is an anomaly in the process of using the machine tool, should press the emergency stop switch.
  • E.During the machine working, the temperature of cooling water and the working gas pressure should be checked regularly.
  • F.Operate the equipment with the operating certificate, abide by the operating rules, and strictly prohibit the operation of the staff who are not working on the machine tool.
  • G.The laser of this machine tool belongs to 4 kinds of laser products, the optical fiber laser is invisible light, its beam diffuse reflection may damage the human body, the personnel on the scene should pay attention to the protection, also should pay close attention to whether there is fire or not.
  • H.The exhaust gas produced by laser cutting is harmful to the operator's body, and the dust cleaning device of the machine tool should work normally.
    Maintain clean and tidy equipment, refueling in accordance with regulations, reasonable lubrication; comply with the shift system, good management of tools, accessories, not lost; find fault stop check, oneself can not handle the timely notification of maintenance