GWEIKE 135000W Fiber Laser Global Starting

On March 19, the grand opening ceremony of the 135KW ultra-high power laser cutting machine cooperated by Gweike Laser & BWT was held in the Gweike Laser intelligent production base. Gweike Technology domestic marketing center director Mr. Fude You, Vice president Mr. Yijun Cong, BWT Optical fiber manager Mr. Bolin Cao, marketing general manager Mr. Xuejian Gu, Shanghai Friendess North China regional marketing director Mr. Yu Ming and other leaders and several authoritative media, global partners attended. Witness the glory of this milestone in the laser industry.

Firstly, Mr. Fude You, director of domestic marketing of Gweike Laser, gave a welcome speech to introduce the 20-year history of Gweike Laser to the guests, according to him, Gweike Laser has always taken "product and technology" as a winning strategy for enterprises, and the 135KW Laser jointly launched with Gweike laser and BWT has cross-era significance.

The BWT general manager of marketing introduced the four criteria of the 135KW laser with "three high and one long" high integration, high power, high brightness, and long armor cable. He inserted that the cooperation is the result of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation between BWT and Gweike Laser. 1325KW laser will bring new vitality and opportunities to the laser cutting market, and help enterprises in the industrial chain to further reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality.

In people's expectations, the 135KW laser cutting machine was released. The combination of laser, laser head, bed, system, and core accessories has achieved stronger cutting kinetic energy, thicker processing thickness, and faster cutting speed. On-site customers are really impressed by it.

The test report of China National Academy of Metrology Science, was also displayed on the scene. After the detection of the laser, the identification conclusion of the output power of the laser is power ≥135kW, certified as an industrial ultra-thick plate processing laser.

135KW ultra high power laser cutting machine is the ultra-high power practical use scenario and technical process of cooperation between Gweike Laser and BWT, launched the trans-era significance of the laser, is currently the world's highest power output industrial laser. Its launch is a breakthrough in the global industrial laser field. 135KW laser can process thicker materials. Solve the processing problems of 400mm and above ultra-thick plates, and bring new changes to the transformation and upgrading industries such as steel structure, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing.

The combination of precise design and powerful power makes the 135KW ultra-high power laser cutting machine as fast as lightning. The speed of 135KW ultra-high power laser cutting machine in cutting 50MM carbon steel is 17.3 times, 6.86 times, and 1.75 times compared with 20KW, 30KW, and 60KW, respectively, providing kinetic energy for the production and efficiency of enterprises.

Gweike Laser signed the contract with two customers on set. The 135KW laser will provide them with faster efficiency and higher quality to reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency, and better seize market opportunities.