Gweike won the IDA International Design Award

Recently, Gweike ultra-high power laser cutting machine stands out from many products from all around the world. Gweike won the IDA American International Design Award. This is another big award for Gweike after winning the MUSE Design Award in the United States.

Many of you might have less knowledge about IDA. IDA is the International Design Awards A handful of designers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs created the International Design Awards in 2007 as a response to a lack of recognition and to celebrate smart and sustainable multidisciplinary designs.

IDA covered architectural design, interior design, graphic design, fashion design and product design. Most importantly, IDA is one of the most prestigious design awards in the United States. IDA is known as the "leader" of the design awards field. The award judges consist of design and art professionals from around the world. IDA review conditions are relatively strict.

Gweike won the IDA International Design Award Gweike won the IDA International Design Award

Firstly, what are the features that IDA have their eyes on Gweike?

The first thing that comes to mind will be safety and intelligence. Gweike embeds HD monitoring systems in intelligent detection. The whole process is controllable, as to avoid any danger and accidents. Gweike provides users with a safe and intelligent work experience.

Gweike won the IDA International Design Award

Secondly, the function, Gweike carries out where no one else is better. Through hundreds of trials. Gweike is able to realize the large processing format. The large processing format means a strong processing capacity. Not only the function, Gweike is also responsible for the working results. The cutting quality of the thick plate is achieved while the working efficiency is improved. The production and efficiency of the processing of thick plates greatly improved.

Gweike won the IDA International Design Award

What's more, Gweike is also Environmental friendly. The production process is green and energy-saving. Gweike is down with the details, think the best for the user experience. Partition and exhaust smoke in sections, effective filtration blocks most gases, smoke, and harmful particulates. The production process is green and energy-saving.

Moreover, Gweike's design is also refreshing, holding the concept of minimalism, less is more. Classic black and white color is the main tone for the Gweike machine. Body kit + Switching platform design ensures the overall safety working experience. Three-dimensional shape smooth, rounded outlines design welcomed by all Gweike users.

To sum up, after the migration of time, Gweike got off the ground. From the National Industrial Center to China's good technology, China Appearance Patent Excellence Award, and more. Because of continuous research and development. Constant refinement in design. Gweike can get one honor after another. Gweike will continue to be close to customer needs and customer application scenarios. Focus on design and technology development. Gweike manufacturing, make the world proud.