Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Fibre laser cutting machines are expensive, so we need to take some measures to extend the machine's life. The machine's regular fault-finding and component maintenance can greatly extend its service life.

How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine

  1. Clean the table after each use
  2. If the machine is used daily, it is recommended that the lens be cleaned once a week
  3. Regularly check that the coolant in the water chiller is circulating properly
  4. Regularly apply oil or lubricant to the X, Y and Z rails to ensure it works smoothly.
  5. Store the machine in a ventilated environment and keep the temperature as low as possible above 30°C. 
  6. When a warning appears on the machine display, always fix the fault before using the machine.
  7. Check regularly for broken water pipes, electric wires, air hoses, and loose parts on the work table.

These are some of the common daily maintenance and you can refer to the machine user manual for specific operations.

How to clean the lens of a fiber laser cutting machine

The focusing mirror on the laser head is easily damaged, and incorrect handling or use of wiping tools during cleaning can result in the focusing mirror not working properly. The next step is to give you a step-by-step guide to cleaning the lenses of a fiber laser cutting machine:

Preparation tools:

  1. Alcohol/isopropyl alcohol
  2. Skimmed cotton wool/professional lens wipes
  3. Cotton swabs
  4. Sterile gloves / disposable gloves


  1. Clean the laser focus mirror in a clean environment, not a dusty one. Wash your hands first, then remove the laser head housing.
  2. With the focusing lens out, put on gloves and hold the edge of the focusing lens by hand without touching the surface and place it on a clean wipe or professional lens storage paper.
  3. Using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol/isopropyl alcohol, wipe the frame holding the focusing lens clean.
  4. Hold the edge of the focusing lens in place with two fingers (do not crush the lens too hard) and wipe the edge of the focusing lens first with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol/isopropyl alcohol. Then wipe the surface of the lens with a new piece of cotton wool dipped in alcohol.
  5. Install the lenses into the laser head in the reverse order of removal.

Electrical checks

Regularly check whether the machine's wiring is loose or aging to ensure the voltage is stable when the machine is working.
Try to perform a maintenance check on the laser, motor, and air compressor once in about 100 hours of use.

How to maintain the water chiller

Common failures of fiber laser cutting machines

Question Causes Solutions
Part processing without auxiliary gas output Low gas pressure Checking air pressure
Short circuit in solenoid or wire Check that the solenoid valve or line current is flowing properly
Laser head moves with a strange noise Lack of oil or lubricant Add oil or lubricant
Misalignment of machine rails and gears Check that the rails and gears are working properly
No laser in the cutting head or weak light No light signals Check PWM signal lines
Bad laser or fibre optic Check for laser alarms
Nozzle is broken Replacement nozzles
Laser beam not in line Adjust the light outlet to align it with the focusing mirror
Cutting pattern does not match the size of the drawing Program error Check for correct operation
Inaccurate positioning accuracy Checking machine accuracy for conformity
Damaged servo Replacing or repairing servo systems

Safety precautions for fiber laser cutting machines

  1. Personal protection: The energy generated by the laser cutting machine is enormous and it is important to only look directly at the laser cutting head with protection during the cutting process. You can protect yourself with protective goggles, gloves and other equipment as appropriate.
  2. No foreign objects around the laser: there is a huge amount of energy in the laser cutting process, so cutting ensures that the workbench is clean and free of flammable materials.
  3. Electrical safety: be careful when working near transformers, electrical cabinets and other machine components to avoid electric shock.
  4. Working environment: fiber laser cutting machines try to work in a well-ventilated environment.
  5. Fire safety: a readily available fire extinguisher should always be placed around the fiber laser cutter and check the date of use regularly to ensure it is in working order at all times.