How Much does a Laser Welder Cost

There are many types of laser welders, such as fiber laser welding machines, jewelry laser welding machines, laser spot welding machines, mold laser welding machines, metal laser welding machines, and welder machines. They range in price from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
Perhaps you've also noticed that most of them are unwilling to give the most realistic price but need you to "request a quote" first. This has a lot to do with your location, as shipping costs, customs fees, taxes, etc., vary from region to region, so the cost of purchasing laser welding differs.
Let's find out together: How much does a laser welder cost?

How much does a laser welder cost

The following data is from the Made-in-China website, for reference only.

Laser welder Power Price
Fiber Laser Welding Machine 1kw $5,000
Multi-Function 3 in 1 1kw $6,500
High Speed 3-Axis Laser welder 1kw $60,000
Handheld Laser Welding Machine 1kw $3,500
Jewelry Laser Spot Welder 100w $3,500
Robot Laser Welding Machine 1.5kw $25,000

The machine's speed, power, and quality are generally three important factors that determine the cost of a laser welder. Before buying a laser welder, you need to understand more professional knowledge to facilitate a better choice.
Laser welder cost is also closely related to after-sales service, welding effect, and brand. It is very expensive if you want a machine with high speed, high power, and good welding results. In choosing a laser welder, you should pick the most important parameters based on your budget.
Keep an eye on the second-hand market or buy a refurbished machine, but the quality of these machines will require you to pay extra attention.

Laser welder Recommended

Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning Machine

This Multi-Function 3 in 1 laser welder is low cost. It is a machine specially researched for small businesses. The low price can ensure that all small businesses can afford it.
It can easily weld smooth seams and supports various functions such as spot, full, and continuous welding.
If you want to buy a laser welder for your business production, choose this 3 in 1 is fully able to meet your various needs.


You now have a brief understanding of laser welder cost! You can consult our online customer service for other questions about laser welders. Finally, try not to consider laser welder cost as the most important reference factor for your purchase. Because all the features and parameters are excellent, the laser welder price is relatively low. We should buy a higher price within the budget.