The Basic Guide to Sheet Metal Bending Machine

A sheet Metal Bending Machine is a machine that bends sheet metal, as the name implies. It can easily bend the sheet metal to any angle you want.
The common plate bending machine on the market is mainly used to bend the material to the desired angle by mechanical extrusion or hydraulic pressure.
With the advancement of technology, you can see more automatic or semi-automatic sheet benders.
The following is a list of some questions beginners of sheet bender equipment may have in understanding the machine.

Types of Sheet Metal Bending Machines

Bending machine types can be divided into six types: tube bending machine, plate bending machine, hydraulic bending machine, cutting and punching machine, electric servo bending machine, and mechanical bending machine.
The sheet metal bending machine can be subdivided into pressure brakes, shears, bending rollers, and power presses for metal forming.
Below is a brief list of the three most commonly used metal bending machines.

Sheet metal bending machine

A sheet metal bending machine, also known as Panel Bending Machine, is a machine that bends metal sheets into various angles. It works by the interaction between the punch and the die until the sheet metal is bent at the angle of the die.
There are more specific types of machines, and the type you choose depends mainly on your needs. Also, you can design the size, thickness, and angle of the produced parts directly through the computer. It can produce precisely the various angles you need.

Plate coiling machine

Unlike the panel bending machine, which bends metal sheets at right angles, the plate coiling machine completes the arc of the sheet. You can choose the plate bending machine to produce oil and sewer pipes.
The plate coiling machine's main working principle is stacking three rollers, and then the top rollers apply pressure to the bottom two to complete their desired angle.

Tube bending machine

A pipe bender is the same as a sheet metal bending machine, except that a pipe bender is a machine that bends pipes. Benders come in various sizes for you to choose from, and some machines can now bend pipes up to 180°. However, the current bending machine is only suitable for thinner pipes. For a diameter of more than 500mm, a pipe is recommended to choose other travel methods.

Main components of sheet metal bending machine

  1. Tooling
    Also known as a bending die, this is one of the important components of sheet metal bending machines. It determines the bending angle of the sheet metal.
  2. Fixture
    The fixture holds the sheet metal in place and is also one of the most important parts of the panel bending machine. It is used to hold the sheet metal without moving during bending.
  3. Pressing die
    This machine part interacts with the die to bend the sheet metal to the right angle.
  4. Mandrel
    Mandrel is an important part of the bending machine. The main purpose is to prevent the thin tube from collapsing during bending.

How does a sheet metal bending machine work?

Panel bending machine works mainly through the die and punches to each other. The basic principle is to apply force. Then the operator can adjust the position of the punch and die by adjusting the computer parameter setting to achieve the bending angle and radius you want.
Nowadays, a computer with higher precision can continuously control the bending angle and produce the same bending angle.

How to use sheet metal bending machine

Some general steps to using the sheet metal bending machine are as follows. We hope you will find them helpful.

  1. Prepare the material, put it on the bending machine table, and determine the bending position.
  2. Set the computer parameters, the angle and radius you want to bend, and the position of the tool and punch.
  3. Click Start
  4. Check the bending result

The above is the general operation steps of a sheet metal bending machine. There will be some differences depending on the type of machine and the brand. You should refer to your machine's user manual when using the bending machine.

How much does a bending machine cost?

Bending machines vary in brand, function, and type, resulting in a wide variation in the price at which they are sold. Nowadays, sheet metal bending machines range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands on Amazon. Before buying, you can choose the most cost-effective panel bending machine according to your budget, desired features, and needs.
However, it is important to note that you should focus on more than just the machine's price. Because the price of an industrial-grade bending machine is not low, if you choose a low-priced one for the sake of cheapness, you may have to pay another expensive cost for the maintenance and service life of the machine later.
Try to choose a larger brand within their budget. Buy a big brand late machine maintenance and other aspects of the machine, and you will get some protection, and their quality is also guaranteed.


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