What is A laser Chiller - How Does it Work

Laser machines have become indispensable production tools for many industries. So what are the components of a laser cutting machine? A laser cutting machine mainly contains seven parts of laser, laser head, motor, guide, laser water chiller, control system, and reducer. The laser chiller is not as visible as the laser head, the laser. We often ignore its existence. However, the laser water chiller is a key factor in keeping the machine running for a long time.

  1. The importance of the laser chiller
  2. How many CO2 engraving machines require a laser water chiller
  3. How industrial chillers work
  4. What is the right temperature setting for a water chiller
  5. The main features of an industrial laser chiller
  6. Where to buy an industrial chiller from

The importance of the laser chiller

The laser chillerLaser chiller's biggest function is cooling. And do you know which part of the machine it cools exactly?
Yes, it mainly cools the laser tube. The temperature of the laser rises during operation. After a certain time, a lot of heat accumulates around the laser tube, which cannot be dissipated in time. Without water chiller cooling, the laser tube will break under high temperatures. A laser tube can cost between $300 and $2500, so the laser chiller must be working properly to avoid unnecessary costs. You can even have a separate industrial water chiller for your machine.

How many CO2 engraving machines require a laser water chiller

It is also important to choose a laser chiller with the right power for the CO2 laser cutting machine.
Air cooling will effectively cool the laser tube for low power lasers of 40W and below.

For 50-100w machines, the water cooler that comes with the machine can effectively remove excess heat.

You must configure a professional water cooler for cutting machines of 100W and above. The above will first determine whether your machine needs to equip with a water cooler. If the power of your machine is more excellent than 100w, it recommends choosing a 5K laser chiller. Of course, when selecting a laser chiller, you need to consider factors such as water flow, ISO 9001 certification, etc.

How industrial laser chillers work

For most industrial laser chillers, the primary method of operation is to inject water into the machine and then cool the water using the laser water chiller's cooling system. The cooled water is fed into the machine to absorb the heat generated by the laser. When the water becomes hot, then the water will flow back into the laser water chiller to cool. The cooled water in the laser water chiller continues to be used as a machine. Thus, the water is exchanged circularly to heat the laser tube.

What is the right temperature setting for a water chiller

The optimal working temperature of the cutting machine is 0-25°C, so we keep the water temperature between 15-21°C is the most suitable. The laser tube reacts with the CO2 gas inside the tube with an electric current to form a laser beam. Too much heat in this process will cause the laser tube to produce a stronger laser beam. Therefore, temperature changes have a direct effect on the laser beam. Again, maintaining a constant cooling temperature will extend the life of the laser tube.

The main features of an industrial laser chiller

A good study of the laser chiller's characteristics will also help extend your machine's life.

  1. Water flow
    First, before the laser chiller is used, you must make sure that the water inside is flowing. The industrial laser chiller in circulation mode is the best solution to cool high power machines.
  2. Fault alarm
    When the water inside the laser chiller is too hot or not flowing, the red alarm of the machine will sound. The alarm device can protect your laser cutting machine on time.
  3. Temperature indication
    The laser system can be equipped with a temperature display, so you can observe the machine's temperature when it is working in real time. If the temperature is too high, you can stop the machine from cooling down before continuing to work.
  4. Viewing window
    You can monitor the water level change from the viewing window at any time.
  5. Convenient
    General laser chiller with pulleys. You can easily move it.

Where to buy industrial water chillers from

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