GLOBAL SERVICE——Trip to Ukraine

Ukrainian customers purchase a LF3015C fiber laser cutting machine.In order to help customers learn to operate the machine, I went to Ukraine to provide professional technical training for our clients in July this year.

LF3015C fiber laser cutting machine

Impression of Ukraine from media is not good before I went to Ukraine. Someone said that war frequently and public security is not good; some people like it for the pretty girls . But when I arrived, I found that security problem is not bad like others said, it has polite and friendly Ukrainian people, clean and tidy streets, all these made me feel convenient.


After a brief adjustment, I went to the customer’s factory to teach the customer to operate the machine. From the basic structure of the machine, to the routine maintenance of the machine, and then to the specific details of the operation, every link I personally demonstrated, and guide customers to operate the machine in person. This is an IPG1000W machine. I demonstrate the machine for the customers’actual production needs to ensure that the machine meets the customer's expected results.

The customer is very satisfied with the fiber laser cutting machine and the technology training . As service staff, I am very proud of it .

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